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Ben Smith
knockout_fitness at 

Personal Bio: I was a former national and international level amateur and professional boxer. I’ve competed several times as a bodybuilder getting 3rd place at the western Canadian championships.

I’ve been acting for many years appearing in various commercials ,plays and movies, most recently “The Gutter Diaries” which appeared in the New York international film festival this last fall.

I’ve co written 2 full length scripts and I am working on my third.

I’m a personal trainer and co-owner of a fitness facility on the sunshine coast with my girlfriend.

I also do anti bullying and boxing workshops in the schools. 

Inspiration for the part: I was told to hook up with Ricardo thru a mutual friend of ours.
Nathan R. Witte
Altec_mase at 

PERSONAL HISTORY: I’ve been acting for as long as I can remember. It was only recently when I decided I would like to make a career out of it. I came from Calgary, AB in pursuit of that career that I have chosen. Why Vancouver? I was scouted in 2006 at an agent scouting event where there were over a thousand applicants. I went to this invitational and performed a monologue in front of 53 agents to see if I had what it takes. As it turns out I had gotten six call backs from my performance ranging from Toronto, Los Angeles, and Vancouver. I chose Vancouver because it was more close to home and felt like being a big fish in a little pond first. I am also a spoken word artist and that is what I was involved in before I came to Vancouver. So obviously I am a writer in my spare time. 

RELATIVE EXPERIENCE: My very first performance was in the seventh grade for a Christmas play. I played a women teacher dressed in a blond wig, with high heels and a purple flower dress. I won an award for great performance. Then later in life I started a hip-hop group with a few buddies which had us doing performances on the regular through out Calgary. We also had the privilege of being the first influential hip-hop group in Calgary to perform at the international reggae festival. It was through this that I discovered spoken word. After weeks and weeks of critiquing my style I finally started to perform in public on the regular and that started in 2004. At one of my open mike’s I was spotted by the director of performing arts for the University of Calgary. They had asked me to be apart of their hip-hop play they put on every year. I of course obliged. First year I had only done the spoken word and then the following year I had the opportunity to be apart of the actual play it self and landed my self a major role.

INSPIRATION FOR BEING A PART OF THIS MOVIE: I love the art of acting and want to be apart of anything that can express my talent. When I read the ad for this film I couldn’t have picked a better audition to audition for seeing as I suit the applicable criteria and I’m always for the cause of expressing the hardship that us “half breeds” must endure.  
Thomas Richardson
Rudolph (Rudy) Richards
rudirich at

PERSONAL HISTORY: Born in Trinidad W.I. Rudy studied Petroleum Technology at the Institute of Engineering Technology (London, England) and worked at Petroleum Refining in Trinidad until leaving with the Little Carib Dance Company for the Stratford Festival in Canada, He then enrolled at the University of British Columbia where he studied French and Psychology. He afterwards applied these
disciplines in the field of Education and retired as a Department Head of Modern Languages in the Burnaby School District.

RELATIVE EXPERIENCE: Founding member of the Sepia Players Theatre Company; "Climate of Eden", " Lysistrata" etc. ;... principal dancer, drummer of the Afro-Caribs ;... singer, drummer for the Sonho Nuovo band ;...featured subject in the CBC documentary, "And The Two Shall Be One." ...bits in TV series, "Beachcombers" etc.

pathetic end that awaits those errant fathers whose self-worth are measured by their conquests and of the strong yet subtle bonds of family relationships.

STAR SIGN: Sagittarius.
Yvonne Davidson
Nottingham, England-born Yvonne Pa"tricia" Davidson is of Jamaican descent and inwardly aspired to live a life of creativity since she was nine years old. However, for many years Yvonne has spent her time and intellectual talents in the Medical and Child Protection Field. Yvonne realizes that there is nothing like "Living Your Bliss" and since the acceptance of her role in the FOLC movie, Yvonne has fully prepared and committed to continue pursuing her acting career, along with her singing, lyric and novel writing career.

RELATIVE EXPERIENCE: Yvonne's professional work includes two major roles in two "All-Black Cast" theater performances: "The Sound of Music" as Liesl & "Fiddler on the Roof" as Tzeital. Yvonne has also been named 1st runner-up & Miss Caribbean Queen in various cultural pageants. Yvonne is one of the 2006 Billboard Dove R Print Models for the Canadian "Dove Firming Campaign" & "The Campaign For Real Beauty."

INSPIRATION FOR BEING A PART OF THIS MOVIE: Yvonne agrees with Director/Writer Ricardo Scipio that "The surface hasn't even been close to being scratched as far as the stories that can and should be told about The Caribbean Diaspora" and Yvonne hopes this story will reach the eyes, ears and hearts of every father, child and sibling of all cultures, backgrounds and nationalities, to bring forgiveness, hope and change for generations to come.

Angie de Costa
Hawa Ayorech
hawa at

PERSONAL HISTORY: Born in Uganda, Hawa Ayorech moved to Canada in 1989 with her family.  They settled in Prince George B.C.  where Hawa finished grade school and then began studying History and International Business at the University of Northern BC.

RELATIVE EXPERIENCE: Realizing that academics were not her passion, she moved to Vancouver in 2003 to pursue an acting career.  After taking some courses and doing a few commercials Hawa is eager and excited about taking on the role of Angie Da Costa in her first feature film Finder of Lost Children.

INSPIRATION FOR BEING A PART OF THIS MOVIE: She  feels so blessed to work on such a relevant project which she hopes will open up a dialogue about issues that are often left unaddressed. 
Tracy Shier
I just moved to Vancouver in February to pursue a career in acting.  I'm
currently attending acting school full-time.

I'm from the small town of Kenora, Ontario.  Other than home, Vancouver is
what "home" feels like.

It was a true pleasure being a part of this project.  I met many beautiful
and friendly people who work hard, and also know how to let their hair down!

The story is one of hope and makes me think of how life is full of choices,
and somehow, in someway, everything that at one time may not "seem to fit",
eventually comes full circle and happened for a reason.  A beautiful story
of the human experience.

My sign is Pisces.

Kudos to the cast and crew of FOLC.
Gary Priam
Edward Osei Appiah
Uncle Benjamin
Wilbur A. Walrond
walrond at

After a lifetime of telling himself that he would like to one day become an actor, Wilbur Walrond finally took the first step toward this dream by attending the Brenda Crichlow School of Acting.

However, following his graduation in 2000, he soon discovered that the calls for auditions were interfering with his renewed desire to travel and he decided to take his Agent’s advice to call when he finally decided on which career he wanted to pursue.

In January 2007, upon his return from a trip to Trinidad, he received the movie’s script and becoming instantly intrigued with the character of Uncle Benjamin, decided to audition for it, and as they say in show business: “The rest is history”.

Wilbur Walrond, the eldest of nine children, was born in the island of Trinidad. His late father, one of eight children, was an Elementary School Principal and his mother, the eldest of ten siblings, was the family’s mainstay and peace keeper within the family.

As the eldest of nine, Wilbur grew up under the continuing strains of those immortal words of admonition from his parents: "You have to set a good example for your younger brothers and sisters to follow!" whenever he tried to veer from the straight and narrow to enjoy all those wonderful escapades that help to make everyone’s childhood a memorable adventure:

In 1958, the young 20 year old Wilbur migrated to Canada to pursue a career in Civil Engineering at the University of British Columbia. Following his graduation in 1963, he soon found himself assisting his siblings in one form or another in their progress through life and today three of them now reside in British Columbia.

It was the striking similarity in the relationship between Benjamin and his brother Thomas and other members of the fictional family and Wilbur’s own relationship with his siblings and family in general that quickly drew him into the character of "Uncle Benjamin" thus making his first foray into the acting field such a rare but natural opportunity and gave him a remarkable experience and first hand insight into movie making, especially since the Benjamin scenes were filmed "on location" at his own home!

An even more memorable opportunity was the re-living of his father’s patience and schooling during those early years of his up-bringing as he heard the silent re-play of yet a second parental admonition: "Whatever you do, do it well!" this time through the patience and gentleness of Director Ricardo Scipio as he too, so patiently, calmly and with subtle gentleness molded us all - cast and crew – into our individual character / role so that together we could help breathe life into the Director’s own dreams of "Finders of Lost Children" - a story which encompassed, a small vignette of each actor’s life for each of us to savor, cherish and bring forth to the best of our ability and hopefully for the movie’s ultimate success.

The final thrill of course, was seeing a group of total strangers become a family in four short weeks – and thankfully no one had to die first for that occurrence, contrary to the script!
Ntsikie Kheswa
Ntsikiek at

Bio: Ntsikie Kheswa, I am tickled purple to be part of this cast.  Born in Natal province of South Africa.

This Zulu woman believes in the world of Grey,a crack where black and white meet and clerity,adventures and discoveries can be made.

Raised by a single mom who believed in education and sacrificing for her three children. Through faith moved to Canada in 90's and studied theatre at Langara College. Have done work with Mad Duck Theatre Co. and Meta for theatre.

Umuntu ungumuntu ngabantu.

Love Mom, all my siblings and especially my daddy Larry Keuhn. A father's love is dear to a girl's life.

Lady of Grace, God's Grace
Natalie von Rotsburg
Denise Pillott
denise-pillott at

PERSONAL HISTORY:  Denise was born in Cowtown (other words know as Calgary, AB), and lived there till she was about 10.

Coming from a background with 2 mothers, and an unknown father has made her life very interesting.  Her sister at the age of twelve, and Denise at the age of four were put into foster care, waiting to be adopted.  They wanted Denise to be raised by a black family, even though her mother is caucasian. Her biological mother is Ukrainian, and her father is unknown, and was from a black decent. When she turned six, she was still in foster care.

Finally, her foster mother fought to adopt her, and won.  She was unmarried, and did foster care for many children, so they always had a full house.  When she turned ten, they moved to Kelowna BC.  In Kelowna Denise finished her schooling, and then moved back to Calgary when she was eighteen to live with her sister and niece.  Denise lived in Calgary for awhile, and then decided to move out to the most beautiful city in Canada, Vancouver!

Working as a Personal trainer here, has left Denise with lots of time and a flexible schedule to do what she was always destined to do ….ACT!!!

RELATIVE EXPERIENCE:  Growing up, Denise's friends and family always knew she had a talent.  She loved to act and perform.

Denise has participated in many theatres and plays through out school.  Not knowing how she was able to pursue her dream, she moved to Calgary and studied nursing in post secondary school.

She dropped out after a year, because she wanted to follow her dream.  She packed up her things and headed out to Vancouver in 2006 to pursue her career.

Denise has continuously been taking acting classes at some local schools. She has been applying at various film schools looking to enroll in an acting intensive program. She has just recently been accepted into NYFA (New York Film Academy) for September 2007, for the one year intensive program in New York City. Not only will she gain experience from the program, she will also have to opportunity to network and meet different people from around the world.

Coming back with that experience will take her even further into her career. In the meantime, Denise has been participating in independent films, student films, and her agent has been sending her out for many auditions on film and television. She is always keeping herself busy, and she loves to challenge herself while still keeping herself organized and prepared.  

Denise says she could work 365 days a year performing, and that her ultimate goal is not to be famous, but to be a working actor.

"My inspiration for being a part of this film is that I feel I can incorporate my own feelings into my character "Felicia".  I can relate to the film because of my background, I may have unknown brothers and sisters as well.  This film is a true example of what really can happen to some families, and the outcome."
Mr. Monze
Humell Hasani Keith (Mr. Monze)


Mr. Monze Has Been Composing, Writing And Performing For Over A Decade. He Is Definitely The Fuel That Has Been Keeping The Urban Underground A Blaze In Recent Years. This Prolific Young Man Has Showcased His Talent At Premier Venues In: - Toronto ON, Ottawa ON, Kitchener ON, Waterloo ON, Kingston ON, Guelph ON, Hamilton ON, London ON, Kelowna BC, Halifax NS, St. John's NF, Winnipeg MB, Chattam ON, Windsor ON, Montreal PQ, Niagara Falls NY, Buffalo NY, Detroit MI, Calgary AB, Red Deer AB, Nanaimo BC, Whistler BC, Edmonton AB, Vancouver BC And Victoria BC. Mr. Monze Has Appeared In Several Major Motion Pictures Expanding His Talents To The Big Screen. He Is Also Acknowledged With Top 40 International Radio Hits. Monze Is Also Credited With Over 500 Performances Thus Far In His Musical Career. His Fan Base Spreads Across The America's As Well As Europe And Asia. His Interaction With His Audiences And The Audience's Reaction To Him Is A Definite Testament To His Stage Presence And His Electrifying Personality. Mr. Monze Is Definitely Becoming The Most Sought After Artist In North America's Urban Music Community.

*Finder Of Lost Children

{Grateful To Be Part Of The Production, Inspired By The True To Life Script.}
- Part: Iain (The Professional Hockey Player)

Contact: Humell Hasani Keith
monzemonz at