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Why Be Involved?

Artistic Merit - With his two previous films, Ricardo Scipio has established a track record as being a highly-creative filmmaker with a unique voice. Finder of Lost Children will be the kind of film that all involved will be extremely proud of before during and after production.

Profit Participation - FLC Production's policy is to reward everyone who makes a significant contribution to the project with true profit participation. Profit participation is available for significant contributions of labour, contacts, locations, equipment, good and services, talent, etc.

Future Work - Ricardo Scipio is committed to producing two or three feature films in the next five years. He is interested building key long term relationships with above and below-the-line crew and talent that will be our primary pool of participants for future projects.

Creative Input - Anyone who has been involved with Ricardo Scipio's two previous films will testify to the incredible amount of creative input he invites from crew and talent. Ricardo's system is to find creative , competent and highly motivated people and challenge and encourage them to work at their highest level and to contribute their ideas and visions freely. Working with Ricardo Scipio can be more demanding and challenging than ordinarily because you have to be a full participant and have initiative. Many people who have worked under Ricardo's system claim its the most rewarding and enjoyable film experience they have ever had. Ricardo Scipio insists that his set is a relaxed , respectful and fun environment free of much of the egomania and pettiness found elsewhere.

What is Expected of Crew and Producers You will be encouraged to help spread positive word of mouth about the Film. You would be expected to share contacts that you think might be helpful to the project. You will be expected to bring your highest level of dedication , commitment and positive energy to the project. You will be expected and encouraged to voice your ideas , concerns , and critiques whenever appropriate.

We are Seeking Help Currently in the Following Areas:

Investors - We need more investors and also need people willing to seek out investors. Minimum investment is $5k.

Publicity and Promotion


Product Placement


Legal and Accounting

We will need help in other areas in different stages of the project. If you are highly motivated to participate in this project don't hesitate to email us at and let your interest be known.