Press Release

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Pre-Publicity Release

Finder of Lost Children is the story of two half-sisters that meet for the first time at the funeral of the father neither one of them knew. These reluctant siblings make a road trip to deal with their father's meagre possessions and in so doing discover the existence of several other lost brothers and sisters who are unaware of their father's passing. The two mis-matched sisters decide to extend the road trip to find their brothers and sisters and along the way they discover the keys to their past and future through the secrets and lies that confront them-buoyed by the humour and humanity that is the irrepressible Caribbean spirit. Finder of Lost Children will be accompanied by an original Steel Pan score and a Soca/Calypso soundtrack album.

Set in the Caribbean community of Canada, Finder of Lost Children is a poignantly moving and humourous story that will resonate both within and outside of that community. Trinidad-born Ricardo Scipio has thus far garnered the reputation for making unique, multi-layered, provocative work. His first film "When" was an irrepressibly brutal and comedic portrayal of dysfunctional struggling actresses in New York. His second film "Watershed" was the first independent feature film in North America to be shot in digital high-definition.

The surface hasn't even been close to being scratched as far as the stories that can and should be told about The Caribbean Diaspora. The Caribbean experience is far too rich and profound not to find a more prominent place in the film industry. To me this story embodies all that's good and bad, beautiful and ugly in our world culture. It's the perfect starting point to making challenging personal films,states Scipio.

If you'd like to get involved with the project in any way or learn more about it, write Ricardo Scipio at