The Team

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Writer / Director
Ricardo Scipio
Trinidad-born Ricardo Scipio has thus far garnered the reputation for making unique, multi-layered, provocative work. His first feature film "When" was an irrepressibly brutal and comedic portrayal of dysfunctional struggling actresses in New York. His second feature film "Watershed" was the first independent feature film in North America to be shot in digital high-definition, breaking ground with its technical and narrative accomplishments.

Ricardo grew up in Toronto and attended both The Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and The University of Waterloo. He started his art career as a fashion and then later fine art nude photographer. He has had 14 gallery shows of his work and his first book of photographs- a collaboration with noted Canadian poet George Elliott Clarke, was published in November of 2005.

Scipio now makes his home in British Columbia, Canada where he also has a busy herbal medicine practice.
Line Producer / Production Manager
Charlotte Mountford
PERSONAL HISTORY: Charlotte grew up amongst the 'Dreaming Spires' of Oxford England, acting in College garden plays and writing poems. The Daughter of a Canon of Christ Church Cathedral and a genuine Alice in Wonderland, Charlotte loves anything imaginative or exotic, secretly aspiring to be one day like the grandmother she had who ran away to the London circus age fourteen.

RELATIVE EXPERIENCE: Charlotte discovered her passion for film making at the University of Edinburgh, Writing and Producing many wild and wonderful Shorts with Iceberg Pictures, an Independent Production Company she founded with close student contemporaries. She has worked for Independent Features, Television Shows and Production Companies in Hollywood, London and British Columbia, and recently coordinated the four-part documentary mini series 'Looking For Captain Cook' in Victoria. Charlotte currently lives in Vancouver.

INSPIRATION FOR BEING A PART OF THIS MOVIE: On first reading Ricardo's script Charlotte was struck by its tropical, sunny vibe and also at once by its profound sadness. This combination of opposites seemed true to life, understood by all, and she immediately wanted to be involved.

Star Sign: Leo
Director of Photography
Paul Mercer Ellington
DukesPlacePME at

Paul grew up in Denmark until age 16 when then he moved to Manhattan to live with his father and mother.

The grandson of Duke Ellington and the Musical Director for the Duke Ellington Orchestra. He attended the Professional Childrens School in New York while also studying music.

Paul attended The Vancouver Film School. Through school he operated the camera and was also named Director Of Photography for final projects which was shot on S16mm.

He graduated in February of 2006 with a focus on Cinematography.

During the school year Paul was a gaffer outside of school for
various shows and also operated the camera for numorous shows.
Immediately after graduating, Paul was the DP for a short called "DREAM GAMBLERS" which was shot 35mm.

Currently Paul is the DP for Ricardo Scipio's "FINDER OF LOST
CHILDREN" which is being shot in HD.

The inspiraton for this movie is to be involved with a solid crew and make something magical happen.

My Star Sign is the Double Scorpio!
1st AD
Larry Piché
2nd AD / Behind the Scenes Videographer
James (Jimmy) King
Casting Director
Charlotte Hansen
Casting Director
Tiffany Macrae
Production Coordinator
Milena Thomsen at 

PERSONAL HISTORY: Raised by parents who are both working in the psychoanalytical field and growing up in Berlin, the city that attracts artsy but also very crazy people, Milena managed it to get though the up-tight German school system and graduated in Music and English from Pre-College last summer. Instead of going to the University right after, she decided to teach herself a little bit about life and explore this big world before she continues with her studies. So she took her suitcase and travelled to New York and fell in love with this place and its people. Vancouver is her most recent stop-over and she enjoys the chilled atmosphere of the furthest place west she has ever been in her life. 

RELATIVE EXPERIENCE: Milena had so many different interests and ideas that going into the art of film-making, where she can combine all her passions, seemed to be the most reasonable conclusion. She started at the age of 14 making her own movies and was from then on always somehow involved in small but professional film projects in Berlin. In New York she worked as a busy assistant for the head of international sales at HDNet Films, as a never-sleeping PA at City Lights Media Group and spent a great time assisting editing the well-known doc film maker Paul Devlin. During her first months in Vancouver she worked as Production Designer on the feature film "That One Night". After finishing "Finder of Lost Children" Milena will head of to many more places in North America and can't wait to be fascinated by it's diverse charm and people. 

INSPIRATION FOR BEING A PART OF THIS MOVIE: Milena was always hoping to get involved in a project were everybody wants to be a part of something deeper and bigger like telling the story of "Finder of Lost Children". This is a film she will be proud of being a part of because this movie is not just a piece of entertainment but a sensitive written story and a piece of art. She is so happy that she found what she has always been looking for. 

1st AC / Best Boy Electric
Sebastian Andexer
Gaffer / Key Grip
Virgile Dean
virgiled at

PERSONAL HISTORY: Started making movies when I was 12 years old and have been climbing the hill since then.

RELATIVE EXPERIENCE: Produce, Direct and write my own projects. Current project called Deafening Silence. Left after one boring year at Capilano College in the MPP program, Currently working at PS Production Services.

INSPIRATION FOR BEING A PART OF THIS MOVIE: I love the Script and the Director provides the energy this project needs.
Lamp-Op / Grip
Brendan Baudat
Lamp-Op / Grip
Hamed Vaghayenegar
Best Boy / Grip
Ryan Cody
Ed Iverson
Transportation / Set Coordinator / Behind the Scenes Videographer
Jonathon Chow
Production Designer
Lisa Zak
zakconcepts at 

PERSONAL HISTORY: Lisa moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, in 2005 to receive an education in Interior Design. In the summer of 2006, she decided that, after graduation, she wanted to get into Art Depatment work in film and television. Shortly after graduating in late 2006, she began work with a local renovation company. During her work there, Lisa kept her eyes open for opportunities to volunteer on set. It was not long before she was hired on as Production Designer for two simultaneous projects and was on the road to a career in the entertainment industry. Finder of Lost Children was her first feature film. Lisa maintains ties in the Interior Design field while pursuing her ultimate intent as a Production Designer. 

RELATIVE EXPERIENCE: Art Institute of Vancouver’s Interior Design Diploma Program, some previous Production Design work, freelance Interior Design/Consultation projects 

INSPIRATION FOR BEING A PART OF THIS MOVIE:  I almost feel like my life so far has lead me to this project. I have little personal connection with the obvious plot points of the film, and yet there are themes present here which I truly identify with. Charlotte and Ricardo sealed the deal for me upon our first meeting: I am so looking forward to this process thanks to them. 
Brandon Manning
Manning_dao at

I am a twenty five year old audio engineer / location audio specialist. I enjoy DJ’ing, producing, engineering studio sessions, producing bands, watching movies, and playing with Max, my dog!

I have experience with audio in a few documentary and student films, this being my very first feature, and I’m having a great time.

My inspiration behind my involvement in this film is to gain more experience in the film industry, meet like-minded individuals, have fun, and help out this project as much as I can.

I am a Gemini!
Costume Designer
Roger Williams
Wardrobe Supervisor
Alyssa Nasvadi
Key Make-up / Hair
Sussanne Hardy
sussannej at

Personal History: Spent 15 years working in veterinary medicine (Animal Health Technologist).  Went to Blanche Macdonald part time and finished the Make Up Artistry diploma. Now combines make up, skin care and medical science for retail & the movie industry

Relative Experience:  Has been working the last 3 years doing make up and skin care for film/television, theater, freelance and retail.

Inspiration for being a part of Finder of Lost Children: Husband has been recently been re-united with long lost father. 
1st Assistant Make-up & Hair Artist Team
Jess Luka
Danielle Fowler
Assistant Make-Up & Hair Artist Team
Katherine Morris
Marina Smith
Cat Brick
Script Supervisor
Janice Morrison
William Shand
Director of Marketing and Publicity
Christina Jarvie
MovieSet Website
Graham Fortin
Trance Blackman
trance.blackman at

Trance is a singer/songwriter, actor, writer and producer. He's currently in Vancouver, BC, pursuing his goals in the film and television industry, while also moving forward with his musical interests.

He's worked on numerous indepedently produced short and feature-length films, working both in front of and behind the camera, in various crew positions.

His music is also featured in many projects in which he's worked, most recently having written the theme for the television pilot episodes of "Off-Centre Live".

Of course, he's experienced in web-design, and as such was able to assist the FLC project in this unique way.
Location Manager
Chris Baudat
Assistant Location Manager / Set PA
Sister Nandi
Tara Lee Reddick a.k.a Sister Nandi
sisternandi at

Personal History - I keep writing it and re-writing it everyday

Relative Experience - I have been acting my whole damn life

Inspiration for Being a Part of This Movie - I liked the idea of this movie; it appealed to me because it is a well written script by a Canadian brother!

Star Sign: Capricorn
PA / Production Coordinator
Sarah Sterchele
INSPIRATION FOR BEING A PART OF THIS MOVIE: Originally from the United States, I wanted to see what the Vancouver indie film scene was up to.

I decided to volunteer on Finder of Lost Children, and it was an interesting learning experience.
Set PA
Yun Jong Lee
Key / Office PA
Alberto Valenzuela
alberto at

PERSONAL HISTORY: Grew up in Hollywood, always backstage, hanging around the hair and make-up department. Served in the United States Marine Corps right after high school. Finished with the Marines and attended Vancouver Film School. Now I spend most my time in Vancouver where I focus on screenwriting. My latest script got the attention of an agent in Hollywood and says I have a good shot with it. In between writing scripts I am either helping out on indie film sets, or working for my mom’s studio in Hollywood. 

RELATIVE EXPERIENCE: Besides numerous gigs as numerous positions, such as boom, grip, director of photography, first a.d., producer, I am also a script consultant and worked as an intern for an independent Vancouver production company. 

INSPIRATION FOR BEING A PART OF THIS MOVIE: I am a big fan of independent films and the people that make them. Being a part and getting behind the scenes access of how a indie feature is made is a great learning experience.
Production Assistants
Inder Nirwan